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     From left to right: Ms. Jane Camille Valerio (Brand Manager of John Robert Powers International),  Ms. Tania Rottka (Managing Director of JRP Bangkok),   Ms. Pranome Thavaravej (President of  JRP Bangkok)                 and Mr. Chris Upton (Vice President of John Robert Powers International)


    JRP Bangkok has moved to its new home in Pradiphat Road, Rama VI. The formal opening ceremony was held on February 1, 2020, Saturday.

    It was attended by Mr. Chris Upton and Ms. Jane Camille Valerio from the International Headquarters in Manila, Philippines, respected facilitators and clients.

                                                                                                                                  (Mr. Chris Upton giving his inspirational speech to the guests)


    This year marks the 35th year of JRP Bangkok. A milestone!

    It is a testimony to the spirit and dedication of our leader, Ms. Pranome Thavaravej— one of the John Robert Powers originals (an O.G. as the kids say these days).   Pranome has been the heart of John Robert Powers Thailand ever since, and one of the brightest leading lights of the International organization.  And now with the school being run by her very talented daughter, Tania Rottka, we have a wonderful sense not just of continuity, but of a dynamic and exciting future.

    From this newly purpose-designed headquarters in Bangkok, JRP will continue the mission of providing the training and coaching that will unlock the benefits of these skills and help our clients reach their full potential. 

    The 35 years of JRP Bangkok is not a look to the past.  Rather, it is a commitment to the future.

    Let us celebrate the continued success and growth of JRP Bangkok. Cheers!