Don’t lie – you’ve most likely held a shampoo bottle and pretended it was an award (an Oscar, even) for best actor/actress, while giving an emotional and heartfelt speech. That’s totally fine! A lot of us have dreamt of being an actor at least once in our lives. For those who actually act for a living, getting to that acceptance speech is a long and tricky road – and it all starts with an audition. So, how do you get that callback with hundreds of other people trying out for the same role? Read our tips for a great audition!

1. Be confident.
This may sound obvious, but a lot of people have ruined an audition because they lacked the confidence that scouts are looking for. Walk in that door with your head held high, and smile. Leave all the hesitations out the door and don’t shuffle your feet. Remember, you can do this!

2. Chat them up.
Let your personality shine through. When they ask questions, don’t give one word answers; actually try and have a conversation with them. Try to ask questions about the character and the story (but make sure they aren’t questions that can be answered with the script and background given to you). The entertainment industry is looking for smart and curious actors.

3. Make a connection.
Before the audition, memorize your lines, or at least be familiar with them enough for you to make eye contact with any member of the crew during the audition itself. Yes, knowing your lines is important, but making that connection with the audience, or with another character, is what makes a scene believable and natural.

4. Take direction.
You can’t always get what you want and that’s especially true in this industry. You’re going to have to adjust to a lot of on-the-spot changes, and decisions, and scouts are looking for people who can do just that.
Remember, what separates amateurs from professional actors isn’t always just the inspiration for the role – its preparation and execution.

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