Try looking back at your Facebook profile a few years back.  Is it like looking at a different person?

You may cringe or laugh, and think how unrecognizably different you are today. Be it how you write your tweets, or your entire Instagram aesthetic, whatever change took place, they’re because of influences from the outside world –the environment you’re in, experiences you’ve had, and the people you meet.
As you go through the motions of life, you’re bound to bump into people along the way and if there are five people you meet in heaven, there are four you need to meet on earth:

The Red Carpet Pal
During times you feel down, this person always shows you the good side of things. This someonesees a lot in you, fully supports you, and gives you the push you need at the most crucial of times.This pal sees in you what you often forget to recognize, especially when you’re not in tiptop condition. This person is the one who reveals your strengths –even if you yourself aren’t able to see them.

The Blunt Buddy
Theywon’t tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you need to hear. It may sound harsh, but be assured that your buddyalways wants what’s best for you. They may be rough on how they say it, but the truth is its core. They’re the most real among your friends and will always have your back. This person is the one who exposes your weaknesses–the parts of yourself that you aren’t so proud of, but you fight to change.

The Competitive Rival 
Whether it’s contests at school or a friendly game of cards, trust that your rival brings out your competitive side – giving you that nudge to strive harder, that push to jump further, or that playful taunt to keep you going. This person is the one who challenges you to do better– even if that means you lose once in a while.

The Wise Mentor 
Your spiritual guide, your life coach or your sensei – this is the person you trust when it comes to things of the ‘real’ world.Based on their vast knowledge of the world –especially through their own experiences, they give you a glimpse of the life manual andas your mentorguides you along the way. This person believes in you by not only encouraging you, but helps, motivates, and inspires you to be your best.

Open yourself to other people and discover different versions of yourself. Let them bring out the best in you as they reveal your strengths and weaknesses, as well as challenge and inspire you.

Get to know the people around you and in turn, let them know more about you as well. Continue building your character through others with JRP.