The Powers International System

John Robert Powers is a well-established intellectual property specializing in the teaching of personal development, personality enhancement and imaging, as well as communications, modeling and acting. It is a network of schools and centers worldwide utilizing the same curricula, marketing techniques and business practices.

The curricula of the John Robert Powers system are comprehensive as well as unique. It creates positive attitudes about one-self, develops presentational skills and enhances employment opportunities. These programs are available to women and men and ideal for all age groups: kids, pre-teens, teens, young adults, adults, executives, aspiring business people, including homemakers preparing to take on more responsibilities outside the home. The personality development curriculum has been updated and expanded since its inception.

The importance of having successfully completed a course at any one of the John Robert Powers schools is underscored by the award of a common universal certificate, which is registered in the graduate's name at the John Robert Powers International headquarters.

To know more about our curriculum, please visit our individual school pages.